New Exhibition Opening at Valentines Mansion

There couldn’t be a more perfect time for the start of the new exhibition at Valentines Mansion in Ilford, Essex. Centred around the environmental crisis and endangered species of plants, animals and humans, artist Jason Rose has created a collection of artwork highlighting the interconnections between these groups and the planet we all share.

To help symbolise his points, Jason has cleverly used a combination of sand, compost and earth to create many of his impressive works of art.

“I have worked with these particular materials to depict the connections between all life on earth, to show how every species is fundamentally connected to each other, and the environment we live in. What we do to the planet and to other species we also do to ourselves.”

The exhibition, which opens to the public on Monday 28 September, will feature six large pieces, including an elephant made entirely out of natural materials. “I did lots of research on endangered animals and was shocked to see just how many species are on the endangered and critically endangered list, and how much of this is due to hunting, deforestation, climate change and pollution” comments Jason.

Other works also include magnificent portrayals of tigers, koalas and birds, all created in a way which celebrates the links between all life on earth.

Inspired by vivid dreams and visits to rural areas of Italy during which he had time to meditate and connect with nature, Jason feels very strongly about this particular issue. “The developed world is slowly realising that, as clever and advanced as we are as a species, we’ll always be totally dependent on and connected to the environment, in a physical and spiritual sense. Our mistaken belief that we are separate from the natural world, and somehow need to dominate it, has put hundreds of species on the endangered list.”

‘Endangered’ will take place in The Gallery at Valentines Mansion, on Mondays & Sundays between the 28 September and 2 November, with free entry.

The individual pieces will be available to buy and prints will also be on sale.


About valentinesmansion

Discover a beautiful country house and gardens in the heart of Ilford. Visit the period furnished rooms, including the recreated Victorian kitchen and Georgian Bedchamber, all with gorgeous views over surrounding parkland. Enjoy contemporary art exhibitions and installations and an exciting events calendar. Explore the stunning historic gardens. FREE ENTRY Hire the Mansion...Valentines Mansion is a truly unique venue in a beautiful setting. With its elegant period rooms, grand staircase and enchanting walled gardens, this Grade II* listed building, is perfect for a whole host of functions, from weddings and celebrations to corporate events. The Mansion and its rooms can be hired either individually or exclusively. Call us on 020 8708 8100 to find out more.
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