Studio Artist Amanda Seljubac Gets Experimental Over Lockdown

Our current exhibition, Art in Lockdown, features a variety of pieces created by our studio artists during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

For Amanda Seljubac, it was a time to try something new, something she hadn’t found the opportunity to experiment with before – the lockdown gave her the perfect chance to try her hand at eco-printing.  Going back to her fashion design roots, Amanda had always been interested in the process of printing, but rather than the screen printing she had been used to in the past, she decided to delve into this environmentally friendly alternative.

The process of eco-printing involves using the natural juices and tannins present in leaves and flowers to create prints on to paper and other fabrics.  After gathering foliage, petals and even onion skins from her garden, Amanda laid them on to a strip of eco-paper, which was then rolled round an old tin can, and held in place with some wool.  A mordant, typically an oxide, is then used to imprint the natural dyes on to a material, in this case the eco-paper.  For her experiment, Amanda instead decided to use an old rusty chain found in the back of her garden to help transfer the colours from the plants.  The chain was placed in water, followed by the tin can on top, and the whole thing was boiled for two hours, allowed to cool and then unwrapped to reveal the fascinating results. To enhance the patterns, a fine liner was used to outline the lines, creating this fantastic piece of art.

“I’m so pleased with how this came out!  I’ll definitely be trying this again, but next time, I think I’ll use some fabric and try out other mordants and foliage”

Come and see the impressive artwork, on display in our Gallery until the 19th July (open every Sunday and Monday, 10.30am-4pm, with free entry.)

Amanda will also be present in the Gallery for ‘Meet The Artist’ sessions on Mondays 21 June and 12 July – some along to find out more about this interesting technique from the artist herself.


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