Feathers and Petals Create Exhibition Masterpiece

This summer, in the year which marks ten years since the restoration of Valentines Mansion, our studio artists will be coming together for a special exhibition which opens at the beginning of August. For “Decade”, each of the artists will showcase a piece in their individual specialisms, be it painting, ceramics or fused glass or other.

Jason Rose, a painter, has created something completely unique which celebrates the history of Valentines Mansion in an innovative and interesting way. Using natural materials found in the Mansion’s gardens, such as petals, twigs, blossoms and feathers, he has created an organic painting made entirely of gifts offered by Valentines Gardens. And what makes this creation all the more special is the subject matter of the artwork.

A secretary bird is the chosen concept for Jason’s exhibit, for this his snake-eating exotic creature, native to Africa, once roamed Valentines Gardens. During the in the mid-17th century, when Sir Charles Raymond resided at Valentines, it is though the retired East India Company ship’s captain adorned the Mansion and it’s gardens with imports from the East, one of which included this impressive bird of prey.
“I felt this exotic bird would be an ideal subject for my piece – fusing the Mansion of today with the Mansion of yesterday.

It was no easy task creating this masterpiece and took over two months from start to finish, from originally collecting the materials from the gardens to adding the finishing touches. But it was a process Jason enjoyed thoroughly.

Picking feathers from Valentines Gardens

Picking organic material from Valentines Gardens

“It was lovely to be out in the beautiful Mansion gardens collecting material. It was a satisfying process – separating all the materials into different tones and seeing the image come alive. I love the idea of a changing organic image – some of the flowers such as the dandelions have been pressed to keep their colour. Other flowers and elements will change colour.”

Work in progress

The artwork will be on display in the Mansion’s Gallery as part of the Studio Artists Exhibition “Decade”, every Sunday to Wednesday between the 4th & 28th August, free entry.

For more information, visit http://www.valentinesmansion.com

About valentinesmansion

Discover a beautiful country house and gardens in the heart of Ilford. Visit the recreated Victorian kitchen and Georgian rooms, with gorgeous views over surrounding parkland. Enjoy contemporary art exhibitions and installations. Explore the stunning historic gardens. Bring the whole family for hands-on games, activities and discovery trails. FREE ENTRY Hire the Mansion...Valentines Mansion is a truly unique venue in a beautiful setting. With its elegant period rooms, grand staircase and enchanting walled gardens, this Grade II* listed building, is perfect for a whole host of functions, from weddings and celebrations to corporate events. The Mansion and its rooms can be hired either individually or exclusively and we work with a fine selection of caterers to ensure a first-class experience for you and your guests. Call us on 020 8708 8100 to find out more.
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