Meet our Studio Artists – Part Two

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to visit our new Studio Artists Exhibition, Journeys. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be focusing on each of our artists and telling you more about them and the inspiration behind their piece of work.

This week….meet Amanda Seljubac and Sarah Partridge

Amanda Seljubac


My journey for this year’s exhibition piece, takes me back to exploring patterns for textile whilst doing fashion design. I looked at different fabric fibres under a microscope, drawing the different patterns they made onto paper. I also explored patterns made in nature from leaves to trees and other various plants, using screen printing and embroidery to apply the designs onto fabric. I later became interested in images of inside the human body magnified 1000s of times and the similarities of the patterns made in life and nature, applying some of these to sculptures made in ceramics. The piece I have made for this exhibition is in glass. I painted the pattern of three designs, found in life and nature, onto three panels of glass, using a latex resist. The flow of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers across southern Bangladesh, the flow of blood in the human liver and the flow of water in the veins of a leaf. The glass was then sandblasted and the resist removed. I then applied a special glue to the areas that had had resist applied. Silver leaf was placed on top of the glue and rubbed onto the glass, this was distressed using layers of glue and more fragments of silver leaf to give depth and texture. I hope that my designs although from different sources show the beauty of patterns that can be found in life and in nature.

Find out more about Amanda Seljubac here

Sarah Partridge


Our annual Artists exhibition in the Gallery at Valentines Mansion is always a challenge.

As a ceramicist my work is generally three dimensional, but as the gallery is a hanging space only, it’s always an interesting opportunity to explore new ways of working, two dimensionally.

My work often explores patterns in nature, I work into the surface of clay to find a pattern, often using carving techniques in my work.

This years theme, ‘Journeys’, led me back to working in series, using porcelain tiles, and different techniques to explore the journey of wind and water across the sand found in deserts and on beaches.

New to using Pinterest, I gathered many images of sand patterns, and used a variety of methods to create patterns reminiscent of the photographs I had collected.

On some of the tiles I worked with Shellac (a type of varnish used in French polishing) which creates a waterproof barrier wherever it’s applied. Letting the shellac dry, then eroding the clay at the edge of the Shellac with a soft, damp, natural sponge and  slowly building up a pattern with a paint brush.

Other tiles were roughly carved with sharp tools, then sanded  to a fine smooth finish.

My hope it that these tiles will stir your imagination and memories.

Find out more about Sarah Partridge here

“Journeys” is open every Sunday-Wednesday (ends 31st August), free entry.


About valentinesmansion

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